Tower of Time: Long Ago and Far Away

Vima's Eulogies: a Song for the Great

Many hail my mother, Nomi Sunrider, as a great Jedi. In my old age, some have even come to bestow that title on me. It is a title I am hesitant to accept. My father, forever revered by my mother, never even made it to knighthood. Her second love, Ulic Qel-Droma, was once labeled as one of the Order's greatest failures. And yet, he is the one who trained me to become the Jedi I am. I held the memories of these men in high regard all my life, though few will remember what they have done. This era's most powerful Jedi were all struck down in a single blow, leaving all the rest to scatter and hide, myself included. Do any of us, really deserve greatness? After years of cowering in the shadows and watching the Jedi Order fall to pieces around me, I have come to wonder what it truly means to be a great Jedi.

What is a measure of greatness?
To wield a saber,
to duel,
and to always win?

What is a measure of greatness?
To feel the Force,
to know its will,
to prophesy true?

What is a measure of greatness?
To stay passionless,
and utterly free from attachments?

To command great armies,
To follow traditions,
To fight for peace,
To remain in the light,
Can this make one great?

What of the teachers?
The keepers?
The watchers?
The fallen redeemed?

What of the redeemers?
Those who cry out for the helpless?
Who embrace the lonely,
and give hope to the oppressed?

Who can hear those silent cries?
The significance of the insignificant.
Who will go where there is no glory?

Who can bring peace without lifting a saber?
It is such a thing that may be most difficult of all.

A small deed to many
is still great to one.

Their names lost to time,
Their deeds unrecorded,
But these Jedi may be the greatest,
The true keepers of peace.

We must not forget their legacy,
their quiet legacies,
that laid the foundation for us all.

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