Tower of Time: Long Ago and Far Away

Original Characters

Kionee Rinnh Kionee Rinnh
Kionee is a young and idealistic produce freighter pilot, working for the family buisness Rinnh Imports. She rarely stays in one place for more than a week, restless. During the Mandalorian Wars she was struck by the condition of many war-torn worlds and became a blocade runner.
Roshind Rinnh Roshind Rinnh
Roshind is a tom-boy, who grew up wanting to be just like her brothers. She is fiesty, although kind, and enjoys dueling in hand-to-hand fighting circles in her spare time. Like the rest of the family, she is a freighter pilot for Rinnh Imports. She is eight years older than Kionee, and is Cash's twin.
Cash Rinnh

Cash Rinnh
Cash is milder than his twin sister, being quiet, practical, and studious. Although he works in the family buisness as a pilot, he studied to become an electrical engineer and spent some time in that profession. He is engaged to a woman named Laurel.

Everel Rinnh Everel Rinnh
Everel is a cheerful bear of a man. He loves to give people a hard time at every oppertunity but won't put up with B.S. from others. Everel is 9 years older than Kionee. He is married to a woman named Kreya, and has two young daughters and a son: Jayeel, Thallie, and Lark.
Gad Rinnh Gad Rinnh
Gad is a soft-spoken yet visonary man from Nubia. He was an accomplished ship designer before his wife died tragically. Needing to get away from painful memories, he jumped on his old dream of starting a produce import-export company, founding Rinnh Imports.
No Picture Javan Rinnh
Javan was the wife of Gad Rinnh and the mother of all of his children. She died in a house fire when Kionee was two years old. She was a kind, gentle, and intelligent woman.

A practical and polite protocal droid, MT-412 has been in the Rinnh family since Gad and his younger brother put him together out of spare droid parts in their twenties. MT played a large part in educating and raising Kionee after her mother died.
Now, he accompanies Kionee on all of her shipping runs.

Veea Tewa

Veea Tewa
Veea is a penny-pinching Rodian woman. She was Kionee's first co-pilot for the Viridian. Veea, however, is not as generous as Kionee, and would rather make profits than help war victims. On the Viridian, she kept meticulous records of cargo and earnings.

Evrue Pell Evrue Pell
Ev, as she prefers to be called, is a sarcastic and stubborn woman with a wicked sense of humor. She spent much of her life on Coruscant as a bouncer and shuttle pilot, then enlisted in the Republic Special Corps. Soon after, Ev was discovered to have a strong connection to the Force and trained as a Jedi.
Bryony Thuvell Bryony Thuvell
Bryony is a soft-spoken, caring Jedi. She firmly blieves in the Jedi code, but seeks to end suffering above all. To that end, she joined the Mandalorian War effort against the wishes of the Jedi council. She proved herself to be an accomplished leader and strategist, rising to become one of Revan's most trusted generals.
Kaden Thuvell Kaden Thuvell
Kaden is Bryony's older brother, nearly as soft-spoken as his sister. While he was trained as a Jedi on Coruscant and Bryony on Dantooine, the two remained good friends as they grew up. Unlike Bryony, he completely trusts the will of the Council, and thinks things through a lot more patiently.
Cresh Cresh
Cresh is the call sign for a droid remote at the Dantooine Jedi Enclave, the third letter of the Arubesh alphabet. He is equipped with three harmless stun lasers and repulsorlifts for use in lightsaber practice with young Jedi. He does not have any kind of sound production machinery.
Androl Gunner Androl Gunner
Androl is enthusiastic and perhaps a little bit too passionate for the Jedi Sentinel that he is. He is an excellent fighter and pilot, loving stunts and thrills. He tends to jump into things without thinking them through. Shortly after being knighted, he was recruited to be a Shadow for the Jedi Covenant.
Egren Thoiem Egren Thoiem
Egren is a fastidious Drall Jedi Consular. He is a powerful seer, which balances off his weaker dueling skills. He is practical and logical, making careful records of his observations and actions. Shortly after being knighted, he was recruited to be a Shadow for the Jedi Covenant.
Cheiaya Sraam Cheiaya Sraam
Cheiaya is a Twi'lek Jedi Sentinel with a nack for mind tricks. She is serious, patient, and totally dedicated to her work when on a mission. Immediately after being knighted, she joined the Jedi Covenant as a Shadow along with her two friends Androl and Egren.

Canon Characters of Note

Darth Revan Darth Revan
Born Roan'ev, Revan was a powerful Jedi. Leading the Revanchists, she instigated Jedi participation in the Mandalorian Wars, fearing that the war would be lost without the Jedi. A brilliant strategist, she won the war for the Republic. She dissappeared with her armada into the Unknown Regions and returned as the Sith Lord Darth Revan, starting the Jedi Civil War. Not long after, her apprentice Darth Malak shot down her flag ship.
Darth Malak

Darth Malak
Born as Alek, Malak was a powerful Jedi and close friend of Revan. He supported her in the war efforts and even called her his master. When he returned from the Uknown Regions with Revan, the ambitious and flirtatious Alek had become the ruthless Darth Malak. Seeking to usurp the title of the Dark Lord, he turned on Revan and took over the Sith fleet himself.

Carth Onasi Carth Onasi
Carth is a loyal soldier from Telos. He is hailed as one of the best pilots in the Republic fleet and is a skilled sharp-shooter. He worked is way up through the ranks to become a Lieutenant and advising officer for Bastila Shan's mission. Carth does, however, have issues of trust and harbors deep hatred for the Sith.
Mission Vao

Mission Vao
Mission is a sassy teen-aged Twi'lek orphan that grew up on Taris with her older brother Grif. She is resorceful, confident, and can slice just about any lock. She befriended the Wookiee Zaalbar in the Lower City and the two of them stuck together as a team ever since.

Zaalbar Zaalbar
Zaalbar is a fairly quiet Wookiee who tends to avoid long conversations and unnescessary confrontations. He has a strong set of morals. Zaalbar was exiled from his home and found his way to the Taris Lower City where he met Mission.
Bastila Shan Bastila Shan
Bastila may be one of the most promising Jedi Padawan of the era. She has a strong connection with the Force and can harness the powerful and rare ability of battle medidation. Bastila is self-important and often looks down on other non-Jedi individuals, but she strongly advocates the Jedi Code.
Canderous Ordo Canderous Ordo
Canderous is a Mandalorian of the clan Ordo who rose to a high rank during the Mandalorian Wars. He has a dry sense of humor and revels in the adreniline and glory of battle. After the war, he became a mercenary, and eventually wound up in the service of the Exchange crime lord Davik Kang.

T3 is an astromech droid that was constructed on Taris. He is both resourceful and obedient. T3 is outfitted with the basics for astromechs, but also can wield various small ranged weapons.

Juhani Juhani
Juhani is a Cathar Jedi who was trained on Dantooine until knighthood. She reveers the Jedi Order with utmost respect and even awe, but is passionate and frequently has difficulties controling her own emotions.

Master Kavar
is a renound Jedi Guardian, famous for his skills in wielding two lightsabers. He is patient and thoughtful, always seeking justice. Master Kavar holds a seat on the Jedi Council.

Vrook Lamar Master Vrook Lamar
Master Vrook is one of the overseers of the Jedi Academy at the Dantooine Enclave and also holds a position of the Jedi Council. He is strict and quick to criticise anyone who might step out of line. He lives by the Code and faces every challenge to tradition with heavy skepticism.
Zhar Lestin Master Zhar Lestin
Zhar is a patient Twi'lek Jedi who resides in the Dantooine Jedi Enclave. He is Ev's master during her time in training there. He also holds a temporary position on the Jedi Council.
Vandar Tokare Master Vandar Tokare
Vandar is an aged Jedi Master of unknown species and origin. He is on the Jedi Council and oversees training at the Dantooine Jedi Enclave.


Atris is a Jedi Historian who rose to the Jedi Council on Coruscant. She is conservative and believes strongly in tradition. Even as a Padawan, she made sure to follow all of the rules.

Vima Sunrider
Vima is a fiesty Jedi, daughter of the famous Nomi Sunrider. With her mother as the head of the order for a time, Vima grew up surrounded by Jedi and their teachings, but always had a mind of her own. Trained by her mother and many others, Vima grew up to be a great Jedi with a strong sense of justice.
Jolee Bindo Jolee Bindo
Jolee is a sarcastic ex-Jedi who, after leaving the Order in his younger days, crashed onto Kashyyyk and decided to stay. He befriended the Wookiees, but lived mostly as a hermit until Ev and Bastila met him in their travels. He is stubborn and doesn't admit to following either the Light Side or the Dark Side.
HK-47 HK-47
HK is an assasin droid masquerading as a protocol droid. Although his assasin protocols have been disabled and memory core deleted, he is still able to skillfully use any number of heavy weapons. HK has an unusual grasp of sarcasm for a droid and often seems eager to kill something.
Yuthura Ban Yuthura Ban
Yuthura is a Sith Master at the training academy on Korriban. Although she is second in command to Master Uthar Wynn, the training and selecting of new classes of Sith apprentices is her responsibility. She has a cool and distant temperment, externally.
Nomi Sunrider Master Nomi Sunrider
After the birth of her daughter and death of her husband, Nomi was fully an adult when she reluctantly joined the Jedi order. Despite her late-coming, Nomi became one of the greatest Jedi the order has ever seen. She mastered battle meditation early on and kept her emotions in check as she fell in love once again with Ulic Qel-Droma. Her command of the Force and over herself led her to become the Grand Master of the Jedi council later in life.


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