Tower of Time: Long Ago and Far Away

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Song of Amazon

Song of Amazon
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Name: Jenna
Age: 23
Birthday: October 10, 1986
AIM: ariabreeze

I am a girl of too many hobbies, when it comes down to it, but writing has always held an important place for me. While I have only recently plunged into the Star Wars universe for fanfiction, I've been writing both original fantasty and Sailor Moon fanfiction for a long time. The bredth and depth of the Star Wars universe caught my attention, with so much for a writer to explore. The Kinghts of the Old Republic games and the mysteries of that era are what really drew me in, so most of my writing will have to do with that.

Among the aforementioned too many hobbies are costuming, choral and classical singing, oboe, drawing, fan karaoke, and language learning. Even though I've recently graduated from college, I'm a perpetual learner, always wanting to study new and interesting (or really old and interesting, for that matter) things. I am currently spending two years in India working with a women's advocacy group.


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